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Woof, What A Year! Wishing You Safety & Peace 2021

Woof, What A Year! Wishing You Safety & Peace 2021

To our Tendenci Community and everyone in the world reading this - We wish you health, certainty, love, triumph and as much happiness as these uncertain times can allow. Wishing you safety and peace this holiday season. And together we look forward to a better and promising new year 2021. We’ve gathered a few inspirational quotes to help us through these tough times. Because we believe in hope and a better tomorrow.

Tendenci Community Newsletter | Fall 2020

Aren’t we all anxious for growth? This Autumn season, give your nonprofit association the chance to “fall” in love with future growth by using Tendenci Open Source Software. We recognize that the pandemic has changed our landscape in many ways, and that many associations are still adjusting to becoming mostly virtual overnight. But these changes have also pushed us to learn more about the importance of technology, security and privacy of our software products. Tendenci is here to provide your organization with the tools you need to succeed during this global digital transformation. We encourage you to give us a call or contact us online - let’s talk! (281)497-6567

Tendenci Community Newsletter | Summer 2020

See what's sizzling with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS! Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Hello Tendenci Community! Phew! What a year it's been so far. Praying the world's people maintains good health and safety during these uncertain times.  On the bright side like the sunny summer of July, Tendenci continues to thrive worldwide, especially during these times of rapid digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are a few quick Tendenci highlights you need to know about.  Psst... Developers, Ready To Self Deploy? You'd better believe it! Developers or Sysadmins Can Now Launch a Tendenci Site Using Tendenci AMI at AWS Marketplace.   Official Tendenci AMI     Your Data Is As Safe As Ever All of our clients are now running on our latest software version T12.0. To stay on the loop and learn how …

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide for Your Association with Your AMS

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide for Your Association with Your AMS

Tendenci The Open Source Association Management Software Houston, TX 77079 Phone: (281) 497-6567 March 12, 2020Last updated on February 19, 2021 Subject: CoronaVirus  Dear Tendenci Community, A summary of content to help you and your communities to prepare for potential quarantines brought on by CoronaVirus ( COVID-19. ) Remember the two most important rules of handling ANY crisis: Personal Emergency Plans for individuals and families ALWAYS come first. If your employees or customers don’t have their own plan, nothing else matters. A good starting point is - make it a requirement for everyone.  The initial data coming out of a crisis is usually incorrect. Don’t overreact to early reports.  Utilize the Emergency Response and Social Services Functionality built into your Tendenci site: Use the Emergency Announcement Module to immediately put a notice at the top of every page …

Tendenci Community Newsletter | March 2020

Spring into aciton with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS! Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Hello Tendenci Community! Ah, wonderful Spring is almost upon us, and we hope your 2020 was off to a great start. We'd like to grab your attention for just a few minutes to share some beneficial news about features you must take advantage of. So hurry, spring into action with your Tendenci site!    You Can Succeed Better with Stripe Say yes to growth and success with Stripe! Your Tendenci site demands a global payment experience, one that makes global money movement easier and simpler for you and your clients to connect and grow. As our open source software and community continue to reach the far corners of the world, Stripe makes global money easier and simpler for you. Here at …

October Tendenci Community Newsletter

  Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Hey Tendenci Community! Following up on our 22 years of service celebration, today we have some pretty cool stuff to share. It is officially Fall, so grab your pumpkin spice latte and start reading!     Run Campaigns with your Tendenci Website   Stay in front of your current and prospective members using automated Email Marketing strategies!Learn how to run Drip Campaigns today using Tendenci’s personalized Member Notices, allowing you to repeatedly touch and nurture different segments of your audience, while simultaneously moving them through the sales and marketing cycle.   Learn more about Tendenci Drip Campaigns       Increase Your Visibility with our SEO Services  Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team is ready to help you improve, attract, engage, and delight your members and customers with a better online …

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS joins new Stripe Partner Program to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the Internet

Tendenci has joined the new Stripe Partner Program and is now an approved Stripe Partner! The hottest new seamless payment integration with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS software allows your association or non-profit to start collecting payments quickly. From membership fees, event registration, recurring donations, sponsorships, corporate memberships and much more.

Celebrating 22 Years of Community

      Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Tendenci Celebrates 22 Years of Community   A Message from the Founder and CEO Ed Schipul  Dear Tendenci Community, This week marks the 22nd year that we have been in business. It seems like both a very short, and very long, time to walk this path. We started out with a vision of connecting people and communities throughout the world, and while the technology involved has changed rapidly over time, our commitment never has.  Tendenci was built on the shared needs of organizations and nonprofits, designed by you to help people engage in fruitful discussion and support each other in individually specific ways. Taking Tendenci open source was always the goal, a return to the roots of the Internet itself. Sharing information leads the way to bigger ideas, dreams …

Tendenci Newsletter May 2019

  Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Hello Tendenci Community! Happy month of May! We cannot believe we're almost half way into the year and best of all, Spring is finally here! So What About Success?  “The more they can do, the stronger the community.”  - Rachel Schipul  The Strength of Motherhood in Adoption  DePelchin Children’s Center believes every child deserves a safe and loving home. Every day in the State of Texas, children are removed from their birth families because of abuse, neglect or abandonment and desperately need the care of a loving family.   "You were born from mommy's heart." -Viola Davis    DePelchin's Mission     "But I Don't Know How to Code" “Is there a way to edit the page without having to get into the code?”  You don’t have to know everything about coding …

Tendenci Community Newsletter

  Community Newsletter       Appeal to Your Donor Base with Smaller, Recurring Donation Options  Trend reports show donors moving away from large December donations and toward smaller, monthly automatic donations. This helps donors - and you - even out their expenses - and your revenue - throughout the year.   Use the Forms module on your Tendenci site to set up recurring donations with either set and/or open amount options and watch your donor base grow!   More on Recurring Donations       Dashboard Statistics to Start Your Day  What is your dashboard telling you? Get a bird's-eye view of your site activity each morning when you log in to your Tendenci website. Informative graphs on your dashboard show upcoming events, new and renewing members, popular pages, and more info to recap recent activity and focus the day's …

Joy, Happiness & Health to You and Your Loved Ones

Joy, Happiness & Health to You and Your Loved Ones To Our Open Source Family,   As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have supported us and the entire Tendenci community. With your help, we continue to work toward our shared goal – Connect the world’s people and do some good. For many of us, it’s been a tough year with all the changes happening across the globe  – natural disasters, wildfires, shootings, political issues, personal issues, and hardest of all, the loss of our loved ones. All lead us to the greatest lesson—love. It is the action of love that makes our world a better place. It is why we are sending you our most loving holiday wishes as you embark on your journey into 2019. So Happy …

Tendenci Community Newsletter

Community Newsletter   View the web version here   Finding the Sweet Spot on Membership Levels  Trying to balance the cost of membership against the benefits offered can be tricky. Find out if you are hitting the sweet spot of mutual value our multiple levels of membership have to offer!   More on Membership Levels!     Improve Membership Retention Rates with Auto-renewal  Want to make it easier for clients to manage their membership status? Turn on the auto-renewal option on your website and remove the obstacle to membership renewal!   Read More     Your Member Directory - Is it Public or Private? Public directories are a great resource for networking within an industry or region and will generate the most exposure for your members! To make sure your groups have the level of access that’s right for them, …

Your Member Directory - Is it Public or Private?

Public directories are a great resource for networking   Public directories are a great resource for networking within an industry or region and will generate the most exposure for your members. However, not all organizations want to share their membership data with everyone. If your membership prefers networking as a benefit of membership, you can secure access based on active membership status. Or even lock down visibility to only the site administrators for complete privacy.      Check out your options under Membership Settings to determine the right degree of access for your group.   And remind your members that they can opt of the member directory at any time by the selections in their personal profile.      

Improve Membership Retention Rates with Auto-renewal

 Turn on the auto-renewal option on your website and remove the obstacle to membership renewal   Members will set up the auto-renewal feature upon joining or renewing to have their card charged at the end of the membership cycle, easily maintaining their membership status. Updates to the selected card or the subscription can be made directly from the member profile at any time.   Auto-renewal is currently available for websites using Stripe or as their merchant account.         Read more in our help-file about auto-renewal with Stripe      

Finding the Sweet Spot on Membership Levels

Trying to balance the cost of membership against the benefits offered can be tricky.   It's why most associations offer multiple levels of membership, hoping to find one that fits a prospective member's objectives and budget. To find out if you are hitting the sweet spot of mutual value, look at the reports on your Tendenci website that provide insightful information about your membership.   Membership by Type  See where the bulk of your members join. Should we add another level above the bottom tier with a slight price bump?       Invoices See where the money is coming from with a customizable invoicing report. Do we reduce overall membership dues but increase the membership price for events?           Members by Company See if a few major corporations are being represented. Should we start a …

What Do You Want in Your Website?

View in browser Pro Tip: Don't forget about our Help Files!  They are there for you.  Is your question missing?  Let us know.   View Help Files  Contact us! Hey Tendenci Users At Tendenci, we are always striving to make your lives easier and increase you organization's revenue through your Tendenci Site. We want to help out more. Please share your feedback about the Tendenci Platform and how we can do better! Best Website EVER! Fill Out Our Brief Survey  We want your feedback about how to improve the Tendenci platform.  Let us know what you think... and maybe the changes you request in our survey will be made on the Tendenci platform for all users.  (Click below)   The Survey!!! Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community Want to chat about your organization's unique needs?  You can reach …

Tendenci - Tis the Season for Giving

  View this email in your browser Get 10% off all development work! Must be booked and paid by December 31st 2017.   10% off Now  View Portfolio   Tendenci version 7.4.0 has lots of new goodies! In the spirit of thankfulness, we are excited to release an upgraded Tendenci navigation bar for a more streamlined experience. Want an extra reason to celebrate? Check out the new Reports menu to view trends and activity within your membership! More on v7.4.0 FEATURE: Custom Landing Pages   Did you know that you can customize the experience for your members by building a landing page just for them? Use this feature to talk about member benefits, special member-only events or just to thank them for being a part of your organization! All it takes is 3 easy steps. Read on to learn more! …

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS Newsletter - May 3, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo Tendenci Community! View this email in your browser We heard you like Videos.  Want to refresh your Video page? Contact Us  I'm a Developer Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy May everyone!  We hope you're enjoying your Cinco de Mayo celebration right now, but if you're not here's a reminder to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE!!!  It's FRIDAY!!  We wanted to let you know we're hard at work at Tendenci and we are making improvements everywhere.  Why not refresh your videos page with our latest code? Win a Mug! All you have to do is Contact us and say Hello to enter for a chance to win a Mug! Why?  We just want to say thank you for being a part of the Tendenci Community!  (PSSTTT: We'll also send you stickers!)  We'd love to hear from you! 5 Membership …

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS Newsletter - April 25, 2017

  Hello Tendenci Community! We've been making some changes around here!  Are you ready to make your move? Upgrade Now Start Developing Hello Tendenci Community! We wanted to let you all know, we've been making some updates to our core applications at Tendenci. Check out our updated Photos, Events, and News Feed layouts for ideas about how to improve your site! What is Responsive Design? I hear this all the time and I don't really know what it means! Responsive design is just a fancy way to describe making your site easy to use on any mobile device, iPad, etc. Learn more in our Q&A below: Responsive Design Q&A: Q:  What is responsive design responding to? A:  Responsive design just means that it is responding to the width of the screen you're viewing from.  Not all websites are responsive, they might maintain …

Tendenci Newsletter April 18, 2017

  Hello Tendenci Community! Upgrade to a Responsive Website with Tendenci Upgrade Now I'm a Developer Hello Tendenci Community! We hope your 2017 is off to a great start, we cannot believe we're in the second quarter already! Hopefully you've enjoyed your recent Spring Holidays and are ready for the warming weather. We'd like to grab your attention for just a few minutes to share some news about developments that will affect your website now and in the months to come. What is SSL? Sounds Geeky! Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates provide security for online transmissions by encrypting the data as it passes through the Internet. Check out our Q&A below: SSL Certificate Q&A: Q:  I don't process money transactions. Why do I need one? A:  Installing a certificate lets your members or clients know that you respect their right to …

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