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Your Web Site Needs a Strong Marketing Headline

Your Web Site Needs a Strong Marketing Headline

A strong marketing headline is the single most important element on your web site.  Your headline is even more important than a photo or illustration representing your service or product because it is the first thing your visitor sees. Direct marketing professionals have tested numerous headlines, and even advertisements without any headline, and provided us with valuable insight on developing marketing web sites.Shockingly, as I write this in 2003, many web sites still do not have a headline and bury the benefits of the service or product in unread text and caption-less images. Why web sites with marketing headlines increase response rates Imagine that tomorrow’s newspaper arrived without a headline, with no sub-headings (subheads) and no captions on the photos.  Most likely you would chuckle and “know” that the editor was going to lose their job. More importantly, you probably would …

Web Marketing Fundamentals Increase Sales Lead Generation

Web Marketing Fundamentals Increase Sales Lead Generation

Web sites respond differently from other advertising media for two primary reasons. First, web users are incredibly impatient. Secondly, they are incredibly smart. The more we treat people on the web like they are impatient and smart, the higher the conversion rate from visitor to phone call or contact forms. So how exactly does a web site treat visitors as impatient and smart? By giving them what they want, on their terms, immediately and with humility.

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