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The 3 Motivations of People, Material, Social and Ideological

The 3 Motivations of People, Material, Social and Ideological

It is frequently said that everything in life is a negotiation. Certainly convincing a child to do their homework is both a 'sale' and a 'negotiation' and neither is easily accomplished. We all have an agenda that changes constantly over the years and even over the course of the day as our need for food and sleep varies. In the process of this need for persuasion, I propose it is helpful to develop a balanced three pronged approach to persuading people aligned with their motivations. Specifically the goal of this article is to put forth an easy-to-use motivational framework - an actionable framework to design a persuasive system for people.

Your Web Site Needs to “Ask for the Business”

Your Web Site Needs to “Ask for the Business”

This article addresses the most basic of marketing concepts, making it easy to contact you. It is the sixth article in a series on the web marketing that will increase the conversion rate of web site visitors, to web site buyers. For most businesses, purchasing your product or service online is not viable, which makes earning the trust of your site visitor and obtaining permission to continue the dialog the primary goal of your web site.  That means your web site visitor has to contact you using one of four different methods: An inbound phone call to your business Submission of a contact form or a mini-contact form An e-mail with an unstructured request A physical visit to your place of business Give them your phone number over and over Telephone leads, or “call ins,” are generally of a higher quality …

Your Web Site Needs a Clear Call to Action

Your Web Site Needs a Clear Call to Action

At this point, your web site is executing the marketing fundamentals with strong headlines and your product or service is featured prominently on your home page.  You have a professional design that establishes the fact that your company and brand are trustworthy and of the highest quality.  The next step is to tell your site visitor exactly what you want them to do. ”You have caught the readers with your headline.  You have interested them with your copy.  Do not leave them hanging in midair.  Tell them what to do.”  – John CaplesYou need a clear marketing “call to action”. A “call to action” in advertising and marketing refers to active copy that compels a user to take action.  Typically the action is to purchase a product or take some step in your sales cycle that will hopefully lead to a sale. Here …

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